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Online sports betting is a big feast for all the betting participants.

People are taking great interest because it is not illegal in this subcontinent.

With few exceptions indeed. 

Hence Online bookies in India play their role to its fullest by providing various betting sites for facilitation.

There are many types of sports where bettors love to bet; however, the top favourites are describe one by one.

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Horse Racing

CASUMO has thousands of cricket walkthroughs on its website:


Cricket fever is the No. 1 in all sports in India like none other.

India is undoubtedly the best host for providing cricket events.

Sports bookies in India are aware of this very fact.

And that is why they have launch cricket events as a prominent feature of all time sports in almost all of the Indian Betting sites.

The betting sites are focus on the following main events held in India and internationally.

Specifically given below:

  • IP
  • PSL
  • World Cup
  • PSL
  • T20 World Cup
  • BPL
  • MSL
  • The Hundred
  • Global T20

The World Cup is the event that takes place after every 04 years.

But IPL is the yearly event that India purely hosts. 

It is the mainstream event on all online betting sites because cricketing stars worldwide took part in it.

Making it the most shining event in India.

Indians love to support their favourite players and teams, and they pursue cricket betting sites.

The turnover is highest among all the other cricketing events.

Football can also be play through CASUMO betting sites:

As we know, football is the greatest sport that has ever exist in the world market due to its popularity in all parts of the world. 

Due to its huge audience.

Football is gaining much attraction for online bettors.

And users are increasing rapidly in India.

CASUMO is the all-time hit online football live streaming event that provides great bonuses.  


Kabaddi is not an unfamiliar game in the Asian region, and it is consider to have the 2nd best game among the Indian people.

Pro Kabaddi league is the main event that entertains the audience for more than 60 matches altogether.

And players from neighbouring countries also come to India to play as competitors.

Horse Racing:

Horse racing is a fun-fill game, but it is equally popular among bettors.

CASUMO is a great site as it covers daily racing events and also entertains.

By doing live streaming of the racing events from Review Online casino 2021

You can see your favourite pony racing on the tracks by live streaming services.