Real Fantasy Stories of Top Gambling Money Making Kings

Good Luck and Bad Luck are generally associated with humans in all aspects of life especially bet on gambling.

When it comes to earning wealth, your amount of money determines you as lucky or unlucky in the eyes of others.

It is quite normal to have in mind this thing while gambling over in Casinos, poker, or sports betting events on betting sites.


Mind Reading of an ordinary Gambler before gambling

A gambler’s mind is working round the clock, and fear of loss is always like a ticking clock until the game ends with a win or loss.

However, there exist some genius people who looked directly into the eyes of luck fearlessly. They went on without any fear by trying their luck and allowing the fortune to kiss their feet, making their dreams come true in the gambling world.

Usually, casinos are design with the odds that not always allow gamblers to win all the time. These gigantic fortunate gamblers have created history in the gambling world, which seems a fantasy but yet it exists in reality.

Did they go into this gambling world with a preset mind having no or less money in the pocket? Of course, they will have the same thoughts as ordinary people before entering, but the story is completely different for them when they got out.


Top as Richest Gamblers ever known as Fortune Devas



Following are the top personalities known as richest gambling winners, namely;

  • Bill Benter
  • Phil Ivey
  • Edward Thorp
  • Zeljko Ranogajec

Their mesmerizing journey is elaborate for the interest of readers below.

Bill Benter

being famous as BlackJack Hall of Famer, is a Maths professor. He has mastery in card counting after rigorous practising for years. The Casinos have banned him because of his accuracy in winning each time. It compelled him to switch to predicting races of horses having $100 million net worth each year.


Phil Ivey

has been famous as Tiger Woods of Poker, Poker Hall of Famer who fetched Ten bracelets from the World Series of Poker.

He is the youngest person to achieve this ever.

His net worth is $100 million made from online gambling.


Edward Thorp 

is the one man on earth with PhD in Mathematics, admiring his skills in inventing the strategy of card counting.

He was well famous in Las Vegas has an $800 million net worth.


 Zeljko Ranogajec 

An immigrant from Croatia has abandoned college to earn a fortune from Blackjack.

His fate is quite similar to Benter because Casinos also banned him across Australia from playing. His net worth is claim as $1 billion by reports and rumours.

However, Zeljko has denied these reports claiming AUD 600 million per year.